18-30? Get a Low Interest Start-up Loan – Apply Now

18-30? Get a Low Interest Start-up Loan – Apply Now

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The Start-Up Loans Programme aims to provide mentoring and financial support to young entrepreneurs that would not normally be available via traditional banking relationships. Start-Up Loans are aimed at young entrepreneurs living in England, looking for finance to start a business. The Start-Up loans programme aims to boost the UK economy by supporting the development of over 30 000 new businesses with start-up business loans over the course of the next few years- You could be one of them!

With investment of over £110 million to provide business start-up loans to young entrepreneurs, this government backed initiative gives applicants a chance to combat high youth unemployment themselves, by making starting a business a viable alternative.

By taking part, you can access a business start-up loan of up to £10,000 as well as pre-start up support and mentoring.

The mechanisms for delivering these goals rest in the pre-application support to entrepreneurs, affordable loans on clear terms, on-going mentoring and support, and access to useful product and service offers that would not usually available to new businesses.

Start-Up Loans wants to give applicants the chance to take their future into their own hands and be the solution to the problems facing youth today by stimulating employment through enterprise – by starting businesses that have the potential to hire people.

Start-Up Loans place a high value on mentoring because it provides young entrepreneurs the expertise they need to succeed. It’s not just about the money – our mentors are your secret weapon to launching your business!!

Julian Hall is an Ambassador for Start-Up Loans who have commissioned Positive Inclusions (in conjunction with Rich Visions Small Business) to act as Delivery Partner. They will assist to provide effective loan support and mentoring to applicants across England. Julian is also business mentor and on the panel for the “Business Den” with award-winning entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah and Anick Akbar.

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