Are you assessing or guessing?

Are you assessing or guessing?

In 2011 social media accounts are synonymous with business. From global franchises to sole traders everyone wants a piece of the social media pie! However, as is often the case with mass participation, a lot of people blindly take part without strategizing effectively.

Often, in implementing social media campaigns marketers consider the target audience, social networking platforms, and image they want to create before embarking on a campaign. However, it is just as important to continue to monitor progress, with the intention of optimizing successful aspects and omitting those that are ineffectual.

The goal of implementing social media into your business’ marketing strategy is ultimately to generate more revenue! You would have thought this was obvious right? But time and time again many seem to feel that simply having social media accounts in place is enough to conjure some magnificent surge in business! Sadly, this is not the case!

When implementing a social media campaign it is essential to have specifically pre-supposed goals applicable to the social media platform(s) you are using. For example: obtaining a certain amount of followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, or hits on a website/blog. The basic success of the application of a social media campaign is easily monitored on Twitter and Facebook; as they would be measured by the rate of increase in numbers.

However, there are a number of analytical tools which give a more complex insight into the specifics of their success or lack thereof; which will aid you in maximising your use of these platforms. Details of the percentage of new followers/fans gained over adjustable periods of time, figures concerning the amount of interaction with followers/fans and more are obtainable via various analytical tools. Searching for ‘Twitter/Facebook analytics’ in your search engine will conjure a variety of FREE services which will analyze your accounts. Therefore there is no excuse to be in the dark as to the effectiveness of your social media usage!

To this end, one glaring benefit of web business as opposed to traditional TV or billboard marketing campaigns is that it is more readily analyzed and controlled, and practitioners have the ability to tweak or alter campaigns promptly in light of feedback or trends they observe. It is essential that in usage of social media platforms that you fully utilize this capability in order to reap full benefits!

Google Analytics is the forerunner in terms of providing statistics concerning websites. The service allows users to track visitor referrals from e-mail marketing, search engines, pay-per-click and more. The service offers a detailed insight into the performance of individual pages and ads; which in turn can influence users to make any necessary changes. Google Analytics also allows users whose sites are directly sales-orientated to track conversion rates on their sites, therefore detailing whether goals for revenue are being attained.

The key to utilizing social media effectively is to constantly assess, create realistic attainable goals or milestones and engage with your target demographic. Do not think campaigns will run themselves or have some auto-pilot capability, make use of the ability to steer them in the right direction!
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Written by Malachi McPherson, Digital Marketing Consultant @


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