FREE 1-2-1 Business Coaching for Young Entrepreneurs 18-33

FREE 1-2-1 Business Coaching for Young Entrepreneurs 18-33

The chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt is cited as saying that the best bit of business advice he ever had was to get a coach.

As much as is being done to help young entrepreneurs, they still need as much help as they can get. This is something I’m very passionate about.

For years now I’ve been giving young entrepreneurs advice on an ad-hoc basis for free. This has worked well, but I wanted to do something which was a little more organised and helped young entrepreneurs a little more too.

So, I’ve come up with this idea – #30MinsWithTheUltrapreneur where I spend a whole day, 10am-4pm coaching young entrepreneurs back to back for 30 mins each. Each month it will be held at a different central London location that would inspire the young entrepreneurs.

The only thing the young entrepreneurs would have to do is turn up on time and when they left tweet some of the advice they were given incl. the venue they were in and hash tag #30MinsWithTheUltrapreneur

That’s it..! No catches…

So – If you’re 18-33 or know someone who is and would like some advice on starting or running your business then complete the enquiry form below and I will let you know when the next session date is.

To learn more about me, Julian Hall, just click around the site or watch some of my videos by clicking here.

THE NEXT SESSION… Will be held on the 28th November 2013 at the Hilton Tower Bridge on Tooley St SE1, nearest Tube London Bridge.

BOOK NOW… Grab a half hour slot between 9.30am to 4.30pm…Use the form below to secure your place!

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Dear Julian, 

I would like to express my heart felt appreciation for your time, effort, support and patience in dealing with my business plan.

I believe strongly that I could not have achieved this without your support and the ideas that you put in and I am therefore moved to express this sense of happiness as I believe this business would helped improve upon my life and the standard of living. I therefore appreciate all your effort in helping me to get this far.

Thank you…!”

“Hi Julian. 

Thought I contact you see how things are. Also to let you know the business seminar event went well, nothing to what i expected, literally everyone applauded me, people was coming up to me saying I have two pages of your speech and people wanna work with me and want to use my service, I gave out every business card I had and collected everyones cards. I even followed through and contacted all of them been invited to a business overview, been ask to help with a social company market their expansion and want to use our service.

It’s actually made me feel different like I want to help these lot the best way I can to help us but I think im 100% now I want to help change the world for the best, I don’t know where the feelings coming from but I feel I have to do this. But yh hope all is good thought I’d let you know :)…”

“Tke small steps tht lead 2 da big outcome “take time” “work smart” &go out “make mistake”thnks 2 @theonlinegenius #30MinsWithTheUltrapreneur

“The people you keep around you determines the level of success you reach was the best advice @theonlinegenius #30MinsWithTheUltrapreneur

“July 29TH:) Huge thanks to @theonlinegenius who advised me to build my #PowerTeam NOW for @SwanilengaGroup #30MinsWithTheUltrapreneur Whoop”


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