Social Media Secrets – Engage & Commit

Social Media Secrets – Engage & Commit

One essential part of social media marketing is to engage your audience and once you have their attention – commit to them. Below we discuss these ideas in a little more detail and give some examples of companies who have employed these strategies and benefited!

1. Get Engaged
Strategy – Lots of people talk about engaging your audience, but what does this really mean for your online business? A successful online marketing campaign involves listening to your market and actively participating. This doesn’t mean selling to them, but centres around giving value before expecting anything in return. This creates the trust necessary for people to finally click on that link to your product or service or at as a clear differentiation between you and the competition.
Example – One of the UK’s biggest domain name and web hosting companies identified by listening and participating in forums and online discussions that their customers liked to play games and were also quite entrepreneurial.
The company went away and developed a video based technology resource centre online which focussed on internet marketing tools. They also created a viral game which gained popularity by giving away a domain name once a week to the top scorer.
Outcome – This strategy resulted in a 30% increase in traffic and increased visibility for the brand.

2. Get Committed

Strategy – Using LinkedIn as an example, you have an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world. You can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals. Unlike other social networking platforms, LinkedIn only allows you to connect with other members if you are a colleague, classmate, friend, share the same group or you’ve done business together – thus the avoidance of spammers.
Once you’re setup on LinkedIn, creating, maintaining and adding value to those relationships takes a lot of commitment and is rarely done over night. However this “connected” approach increases the quality of traffic which comes to your website as opposed to the dated strategy of throwing mud against the wall hoping some of it sticks.

Example – A leadership learning and educational company spent 12 months nurturing a large group of over 500 members on LinkedIn. They cultivated interesting discussions, promoted value add webinars and attracted a number of influential members to the group.

Outcome – This strategy of commitment over short term revenue generation has facilitated a number of key partnerships around the world. These partners now evangelise the company, their website and drive large volumes of traffic through their online webinars, both live and recorded.

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