Ali Golds, Managing Director at Operation Enterprise
Julian is a warm and charismatic person, who has that rare knack of engaging and motivating people of all ages and levels. His business knowledge, and in particular that of start-ups and their issues, is extraordinary and he is generous in his approach to helping and mentoring those in need. The young people I have seen him work with rave about him – and still talk about meeting him – some months on. Simply put – he is a genius 🙂

Lex Deák, Managing Partner at New Co

Julian is a true entrepreneur with a tireless work ethic and a sharp sense of purpose. He has a deep understanding of business with particular emphasis on the digital/social space. I’ve enjoyed working with Julian in the past and look forward to doing so again in the future.

David F. Roberts, Founder / CEO CaribDirect.com
For many years I’ve worked with so-called professionals, all of whom have disappointed me within weeks. Working with Julian has been nothing but a breath of fresh air! he’s dependable, loyal, trust worthy, supremely knowledgeable about online marketing and consummately professional. As a business partner he’s like the wind under my company’s wings. Any company would be better for having access to Julian’s skills.

Emily Harding, Practitioner
Everytime I meet Julian for a coffee I leave feeling glad I did. The size and scope of his big ideas for himself, his clients and Online Genius are infectious and make me want to dream bigger too. His willingness to challenge himself, try out new ideas and create new possibilities is inspiring. He is the kind of leader and business person that the text books talk about.

Rosie Dalton-Lucas, Health and Wellbeing Manager
“Here at NHS Southwark we have really enjoyed collaborating with Julian on our local Change4Life campaign, supporting West African communities.  Julian has a good knowledge of the technical, social and practical application of online social media.  We now have a Facebook and twitter account bringing us closer to understanding how we can tap into new methods of communication with our audience.  Julian’s insights into building online relationships between sites, blogs and real world events have been very useful in getting us started with a good number of supporters.  Now, having now shared some of his secrets we hope to build on this even further! “

Francois Hotte, Marketing Manager Group NBT Easily.co.uk
“We were extremely impressed with the knowledge and the way that Julian Hall proactively positioned our services…top job all-round!”

Candice Jansen, CEO Heads Up Communications
“I needed urgent assistance with an NGO client who is in the Disability/SMME sector for an internet marketing campaign on a shoestring budget. Julian Hall came back to me with great feedback and actual steps to optimise my client online.”

Rajeeb Dey, Founder, Enternships.com
“Julian Hall is a dynamic expert and very willing to help those around them. They are very generous with their time and regularly offers to support up and coming entrepreneurs – we need more individuals like him!” 

Richard King, Founder Staellium UK
“Julian Hall has always operated with a very high level of professionalism in all aspects of fulfilling their responsibilities as a partner” 

Jos Smart, Partnership and Outreach Executive, Virgin Media Pioneers
“Virgin Media has been lucky enough to have Julian on board as one of our experts. Taking a vital role in passing on his knowledge as an experienced entrepreneur, Julian has produced a number of excellent video blogs on a variety of topics that have been well received among our start-up community. The combination of Julian’s personable nature and business expertise are truly an asset to the Virgin Media”

Nicola Cowburn. Strategic & Global Marketing at Equipos
Julian has proved himself to be a personable and diligent individual with a wealth of experience in SEO and social media. His business requires continual monitoring of new developments and rules to ensure outstanding online results, and he works tirelessly to ensure we remain on top.

Charlotte Pawle, Marketing Assistant at The Brightside Trust
Julian has volunteered his time as a Brightside Start-Up Loans Ambassador. He has been an absolute inspiration to budding young entrepreneurs during his talks at our events. His talks are inspirational, informative and entertaining. He took the time to give one to one advice to young people at our events and took part in our expert business plan judging panel. We have had great feedback from the young people he worked with. I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Benita Matofska FRSA, Founder at Compare and Share Ltd
Julian is an SEO specialist who drove our web traffic from 500 a month to over 8,000. He clearly understood our brand strategy and was able to use his SEO techniques to increase engagement an attract thousands of new vistors to our site. He’s a genius!

Susanne Kirlew – BA Hons, MCIPR, Dip CIPR, Internal Communications Manager & Public Speaker, Author
Julian Hall is a pleasure to work with his company delivers on time and on budget and is great with creativity too. The quality of the work is VERY professional and the staff are a pleasure to work with so polite and helpful – Would highly recommend to everyone.

Rev. Dr. Victor Thompson, Knowledge Fountain Business Magazine & The Right Business Network
Julian Hall has provided internet consultancy for me at Knowledge Fountain and I recommend him highly. He not only has a wide knowledge of graphics, web and IT, but he has a proven track record in running successful businesses. This meant that Julian fully understands what systems/structure businesses need to have in place to maximise their potential. Julian is also a smart guy and a great human being. I highly recommend him.

Sybil L. Welsh, Corporate Relations Department, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Julian Hall was one of the four featured speakers at the Financial Information Month 2012 Business Symposium and Innovation Forum hosted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank in collaboration with private sector partners. He shared his insights and personal stories with conviction and passion and was engaging, practical and informative.

In addressing the topic: “Redefining the Re-tooling the Business Sector Through Technology”, Julian identified key Information Technology (IT) issues that businesses needed to adopt in formulating a strategy and action plan to connect more meaningfully with customers and ensure business success.

His presentation ensured that the 259 participants, who represented the business and academic community throughout the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU), were exposed to an information packed forum that allowed for the sharing of ideas and a deeper appreciation of how to transform the business environment using IT in order to forge ahead successfully in a global market.

The following comments from a sample of the symposium’s participants provide a good indication of Julian’s impact:

• “Excellent ideas on utilising technology to establish, drive and grow business.”
• “Fascinating presentation. Need to absorb and implement!”
• “It gives one the challenge to innovate one’s business using IT.”
• “Very well executed and thought provoking.”
• “Suggested some great ideas for thinking outside your usual box in ways to market your business more profitably.”