The meaning of the word – Ultrapreneur

The meaning of the word – Ultrapreneur

Unlike the term entrepreneur (defined here), the term Ultrapreneur is essentially made up. Even though you won’t find the term in the English dictionary as with many other modern terms, the word Ultrapreneur is quickly becoming adopted by entrepreneurs of all kinds and attributed a meaning.

In my book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur 100 Ways to up Your Game, I give meaning to the term Ultrapreneur and Ultrapreneurship.


Someone who has exceeded in their undertaking as an entrepreneur but also has a profound effect on their family, community, country or humanity.


A holistic approach encompassing all aspects of one’s life including entrepreneurship, health and well being, family, spirituality, morality and mentality which come together to provide supreme balance.

There are other meanings that exist such as:

Urban Dictionary: An entrepreneur who does many things. The definition of ULTRAPRENEUR is someone who has many profit-generating pursuits at once. Example: PDiddy

However, it is my belief that what is more important that simply adopting a meaning for a word, I think it’s important to separate the ‘definition’ of a word and what it actually ‘means’ to ‘you’.

What does Ultrapreneurship mean to you?

There’s a definition of the word ‘love’ and then there’s what it means to everyone. I think the same thinking can or indeed should be applied to the terms entrepreneur and Ultrapreneur.

The meaning of these words is what gives them the power, rather gives that individual the power to change their reality.

Sound a little soft and cuddly? Perhaps but let’s face it, the efforts of most entrepreneurs lead to failure. Furthermore, entrepreneurs and indeed Ultrapreneurs are hardly ‘academic’ or ‘theoretic’ individuals. To the contrary, meaning not definition drives these types.

That’s my contribution, what’s yours?

What does Ultrapreneurship mean to you?

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