The Ultrapreneur ‘Recommends’

The Ultrapreneur ‘Recommends’

A few years ago I met up with an old friend from the city who’d quit his job to start a photography business. He wanted to pick my brains on the most effective ways to market his young business. Like most of us he wanted to turn his passion in profit (sorry sounds corny right lol).

So we started discussing the various ways to market a business online and after about an hour he said:

Hold on Julian, how do you get your business?

Bloody good question I thought!

I was stumped for about 10 seconds as I realised that I didn’t currently do any of the things that I recommend he did. After a little thought I responded:

I get all of my business from referrals.

I went on to caveat that statement by explaining I had spent years doing the ‘traditional’ marketing we’d been discussing and really just focused on doing the best job I could.

So what’s the point?

The point is I believe in referring people if they have done a good job for me or if they have a good reputation.  Having done work with 100’s of startups in recent years I am constantly asked if I know a good accountant, solicitor, web designer, IT person, videographer, photographer etc.

So  I’ve decided to put together a list of recommended companies and individual service providers who I have worked with or know personally.

Good luck and tell them The Ultrapreneur, Julian Hall sent you!


Banner and Associates

Nyman Linden

Book Keepers



Urban Lawyer




The Design Creative


David Bevan

Joe Miles

Video production

Dean Charles


Mark Peters

Music production

Vybrant Music

The Bridge

Brand specialist

Kubi Springer

Public relations


Business Support

Rich Visions

Kiwi Girl


David McQueen

Yvonne J Douglas, BSc (Hons)



Nucco Brain

Media Training

Bluewood Training

Self Publishing

Salmon Hall Publishing

Personal Training

Warren Williams

GTC Studios

Give Different

Creative Arts Funding


NB: This page will be continually updated so if you know anyone who should be recommended or you’d like to be added to the list then hit me up!


Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall is a serial entrepreneur and #1 best selling author of ‘Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur‘. The founder of UltraEducation, a company that teaches entrepreneurship in primary (@UltraKidsClub) and secondary schools. 

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