To Give or Receive – That is the Question!

To Give or Receive – That is the Question!

The old cliché asserts: “It’s better to give than receive”.  Agreed? Well you may or you may not but one thing’s for certain, when it comes to digital marketing it is an idiom you will have to embrace! At least when you are first starting out!

Think of the web in a similar vein to your local market, they are very similar! In any marketplace traders need to entice potential customers away from competing traders. Now this “enticing” is left to the creative genius of said trader, who should utilise any advantage they have in order to get sales. Price, charisma, special offers and of course being loud are all tools market traders can use to secure sales and repeat customers.

The web, like a lot of markets can be a confusing and chaotic place at the best of times. It’s therefore essential to have that unique selling point that can generate interest and/or lure customers away from competitors. What’s yours? No really…before you read on, work this out!

Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which was unveiled in summer 2009, has had a rough initiation into the online market; battling established heavyweights such as Yahoo and Google. Up until now Microsoft have been using clever tactics such as making Bing the default search engine on Internet Explorer and a reward programme which offered Amazon gift cards to Bing users, in order to gain a bigger stake in the search engine market share. And you may not have noticed but the Facebook web search is powered by guess who… Bing.

However, in launching their new search and map functionality service they really brought out the big guns in the form of legendary rap mogul Jay-Z and an excellent multi-platform marketing campaign. Bing, in an effort to target the younger demographic, concocted a campaign to coincide with the release of the artist’s memoirs Decoded. The campaign is set to release every page of the book in the days leading to its release. Pages will be placed in locations all over the world (locations are chosen by some link to the content of the page) on items not so typical to advertising campaigns. Bing has swapped traditional billboards and bus stops for cars, jackets and table cloths to name a few!

In tying the campaign directly into their website Bing crafted a nifty online treasure hunt; in which clues to the locations of pages were released on various Social Media platforms. Users would have to log into their Bing accounts and use their search and maps functionality to find pages, with the incentive of compiling a FREE digital copy! #Genius.

In online business, patience is a virtue, and giving that something special your target audience will enjoy, if done right will reap tremendous rewards. Invest in your target demographic and in turn they will be loyal, spread the word and (hopefully) bring a truckload of their peers with them!

And if you establish a relationship at all similar to my mum’s with her favourite fruit and veg salesmen you’ll be on to a winner!


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