Ultrapreneurship Vs Entrepreneurship

Ultrapreneurship Vs Entrepreneurship

A Dragons Den show a few years ago featured James Caan (a popular investor in the UK) on his yacht somewhere mere mortals probably aren’t allowed.

As the camera panned across the clear blue ocean waves, Mr. Caan commented that he needs to do the ‘yacht thing’ once a month to clear his head and make tough decisions when he’s back in the city.

It left an impression on myself and I imagine most viewers that ‘taking time out’ to get clarity of mind is the reserve of those very high flying business people.

There are successful business people I know that when a really important decision needs to be made they go and have a massage and talk it over with their business partner on the table next to them. They don’t call a high pressured round table.

I was recently with a few of the UK’s most well respected advertising minds. They told me that some of the most notable TV adverts we see weren’t conjured up during a creative ‘brain storm’ with coffee and donuts. But it was when someone was on holiday, chillaxing or doing something completely unrelated.

Over 10 years ago I went to a seminar which was presented by a sharp stock market wiz. Half way through the presentation he reached over to a table to take a sip on green juice not water. He went on to explain the benefits that drinking this green (vegetable based) juice had on him as a businessman.

Last night I trained at what’s probably regarded as London’s premier sports club. My gym partner pushed me really hard and I was using all sorts of expletives during the session. The feel good hormone that was released into my system during the hour post my session acted as a creative stimulus resulting in me writing the first chapter of my new book with ease on the train ride home.

So what am I getting at?

You see, the schools of thought currently surrounding entrepreneurship don’t present the softer assisting factors such as balance, health, state of mind, relaxation etc (those ideas I’ve mentioned above) as priorities or equal to commercial factors like ROI, retention, profit + loss, growth etc.

The problem is that even though there are plenty of commercially successful entrepreneurs who have forgone those (seemingly) softer elements, they have no real life, value or satisfaction outside of their enterprise. Without the sugar coat, some of them become ill, have broken relationships, no real friends and they’ve at some point lost the perspective on life which drove them in the first place.

Surely that cannot be the way forward and is the essence of Ultrapreneurship. Defined in my recent best seller as:

Someone who has exceeded in their undertaking as an entrepreneur but also has a profound effect on their family, community, country or humanity.

A holistic approach encompassing all aspects of one’s life including entrepreneurship, health and well being, family, spirituality, morality and mentality which come together to provide supreme balance.

The suggestion to entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneur is that those assisting factors which obviously benefit who we regard as high flying entrepreneurs are actually necessary now and during the journey to the top and not just when you’re at the top.

In fact it’s my belief that a contributing factor to the failure of businesses and many of those non starters are due to these assisting factors which aren’t taught about in the business books, seminars and schools preparing the entrepreneurs for battle. When comparisons are made to why one business worked and another doesn’t it’s absurd dissect the problem without understanding the contributing human dynamic.

It’s not our fault, we’ve never been taught anything different. And that’s the point of Ultrapreneurship; take a different approach, just slightly and see the difference.

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