Where you @?

Where you @?

Where you @?
Human beings have a need to be wanted, desired, liked, loved, appreciated, understood and more than ever – connected. ‘Location, location, location’ – the mantra normally associated with property and real estate is now finding its way into our social networking existence.

‘Location based services’ are described as being those online, mobile applications that can inform your network where you are by simply ‘checking in’ to that location. This could be a pub, coffee shop, retail outlet, club, gym etc. The business owner or proprietor can equally create incentives to encourage those consumers to ‘check in’ to their establishments more frequently. This can be through offers, vouchers, discounts, specials etc.
Business Application
The most popular application of choice today is called Foursquare. A game which allows you to share your location, unlock badges and if you frequent a certain location the most for 2 months you’re given the title of “Mayor”.¬† Currently with over 1M users and an offer from Yahoo! of $100M they’re gaining traction at lightning speed. Much quicker than Twitter did…

Now why would you want to become the Mayor I hear you cry?

This is why…


Now this certainly doesn’t apply to all business models but for those with ‘customers’ as opposed to ‘clients’ partaking in this ‘game’ might well be something of interest.

The value proposition presented by location based social networks is ¬†underscored by the fact that a lot of people update their Facebook or Twitter statuses with where they are what they’re doing there. However, apart from a glorified FYI there’s no value offered to the users of Twitter or Facebook by you doing this. ¬†

On a purely social note, sharing your location opens up your network based on people who share similar interests to you.

MTV and VH1 have done a celebrity deal with Foursquare. Says Mashable: “On Foursquare, this makes a lot of sense – a celebrity checking in to Starbucks could cause a mob scene, but check-ins at a more controlled environment like an official appearance could help ensure a packed house. In addition to Pauly D, celebs from MTV/VH1 shows including The Hills, The City and The TO Show will be utilizing Foursquare in various ways.”

There are a number of services available right now worth looking at:

Is this one of those ‘Twitter’ things that you just can’t see value in that ends up being the ‘next big thing’ – YES.
Will people refuse to use it because it’s not ‘business’ like enough and allow the more forward thinking companies globally to make a killing from these technologies? – YES

18 months ago people argued vehemently if social media marketing could produce a return and some missed the boat or are playing catch up (and not catching up). Today it’s not whether it works, the question is how can it work for me or you.

So where you @? The past, present or the tech driven future.

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