Zero to 2,000% in 30 seconds (Ok..30 days)

Zero to 2,000% in 30 seconds (Ok..30 days)

Technology and its impact on the online business space continue to move at a tremendous pace. There exists a plethora of strategies, technologies and approaches that businesses use to effect a positive change. However, in 2011 many of these strategies or their implementation still just do not work. For every 10 campaigns that work and success stories which are told, there are 100’s which fall miserably.

The media does a good job of promoting those successes and so they should. However, for the multitude trying to replicate that success, it looks too easy. And there we have the problem. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but the growth and success of a business or project is a multi faceted beast. But yet for the purpose of promoting that business as a success, we normally only read about the most PR friendly aspect of that success.

Coming off the heels of a recently successful project launch, my team and I increased a websites visibility by over 2,000% in 30 days. This gave me more clarity as to why so many business models fail in this regard. Our success wasn’t due to a single aspect of marketing, development or any other core element of that company. It was what I’ve been telling companies for years now, a 360 effort ensuring that all facets of the company were aligned towards its underlying objectives.

Let me put it another way. We wrapped technology around the vision of the strategic director who had clarity about where he wanted the company to go during its growth phase. We sometimes vitally forget that technology is the leverage not the driver. What do I mean? Many business owners and entrepreneurs seem to be under the impression that if they ‘apply’ a new strategy or the latest .com marketing idea, that change will come. Nah. It’s been my experience that the tech strategy is only effective if it sits on top of a cohesive overall strategy to which it lends its value.

Let me give you a silly analogy. There’s no point putting Lewis Hamilton into a run of the mill family car and expect high performance. So why would we expect any less in our business endeavours? Sounds obvious, but I see it all the time. It would seem that technology creates a disillusion some cling to in the hope that their woes will be wiped away. Nah.

So what’s the point dear reader?

Businesses and their resulting marketing campaigns are as complex as the human beings they target. So; give them their due consideration. And if you’re not able to, then get someone who can, or fail. No matter how many companies start up each day, there still exists a huge opportunity online no matter what business you’re in…

…It just takes the right perspective to understand how you too can go from zero to 2,000% in 30 days

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