Amazon Best Seller – Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur, 100 Ways to Up Your Game

Amazon Best Seller – Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur, 100 Ways to Up Your Game

An Amazon #1 Best Seller, this book contains 100 inspirational, original sayings for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Created by Julian Hall, a serial entrepreneur who’s passion is innovation and entrepreneurship and its ability to change people’s lives. Each saying is accompanied by 100 equally inspiring images, photographs or pieces of artwork.

Grafted from his own experiences the good, bad and the ugly, this book aims to turn established entrepreneurs into ‘Ultrapreneurs’.

These are individuals who have done more than just build a business or personal venture, but have changed their communities, industries, and in some cases the world. Each of these 100 ways are Julian’s contribution towards the development of more ground breaking entrepreneurs.

The book encourages aspiring Ultrapreneurs to realise that success in business relies heavily on success in every area of life and not just enterprise. He guarantees, that if you follow these 100 lessons, not only will you surpass your goals but you’ll achieve them quicker than you expected. And more importantly you will contribute to the world becoming a better place.

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PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have a Kindle device to enjoy this ebook because the clever people at Amazon provide the software for you to read it on PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad or Android when you buy it. Or you can download it here
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Message from the Author (yeah that’s me!)

Today sees the release of my second book, “Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to up Your Game” which I’m extremely excited about.
As you know I’m a serial entrepreneur who’s spent the last 20 years finding my way to this point where I can share what I know to be the key areas for overall success, in life or business.
This e-book is a collection of 100 inspirational sayings for entrepreneurs wanting to step their game up and those on the road to becoming entrepreneurs.
Each saying is one of my own, grafted from my experiences good and bad. They’re all accompanied by images, handpicked to complement the sayings perfectly.
Last year David Cameron, our Prime Minister said that we as a nation need to become more entrepreneurial. This is my contribution, one which I hope will help the rest of the world too.
To your success
Julian “Ultrapreneur” Hall

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