Become a Master of…Getting Things Done – 7 Ways to Become “Ultra” Effective!

Become a Master of…Getting Things Done – 7 Ways to Become “Ultra” Effective!

In my  book Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur – 100 Ways to up your Game one of the sayings is “Become a master of…Getting things done”. Let me elaborate!

A comment I get on a regular basis is “how come you are youable to do so much?” And I think it’s because I’ve spent years working out how to get things done in a fast yet effective way – that works for me.

So, in no particular order here are my top 7 tips on how to become ultra-effective.

  1. Stick to what you’re good at – By only doing what it is you’re naturally good at it means that you’ll be able to do it in less time that the average person. So what do you do about the things you’re not naturally good at? Outsource them! There are so many outsource/PA options online nowadays, there’s no reason you should be stuck doing the things you hate.
  2. Ditch programmes and go on demand – I don’t really watch TV but there are some programmes which I do enjoy like Family Guy, Question Time and a few random documentaries. Thanks to on demand TV services BBC iPlayer, 4OD and SkyGo it means that can still watch what I want but around my working schedule as opposed to my work schedule fitting around their ‘regularly scheduled programs’.
  3. Kill Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter + email alerts etc – My biggest challenge is trying not reaching for my phone when it bleeps, or my email when I hear that alert on my laptop. Some people advise you should only check your email once a day and there’s nothing that can’t wait 24 hours. Yeah I know, thatdoesn’t work for all businesses, like it doesn’t work for mine. So what I do instead is kill those alerts at times when I have a piece of work to complete which might take a few hours. That way I can focus on the job at hand, get it out of the way more quickly and manage my alerts in between the times I have specific jobs to do.
  4. Know who you should and shouldn’t speak to – I like answering calls but there are some people who you know will act like a black hole, suck an hour out of your life and you’ve gained little. Those people I speak to on the car journey I need to make or when I’m cooling down after a workout. But not during real work time.
  5. Zero procrastination – If something can be done now then do it now. We sometimes put things aside because we’re not in the ‘right frame of mind’ which is valid for some things, but for others we use that as an excuse. You’ll find that by practicing to get yourself in the ‘right frame of mind’ that you’ll be able to quickly move into the right gear.
  6. Set time limits – When approaching a task, don’t leave how long it should take open ended. Think about how long you should need, or how long you have and stick to it.  It’s just like when you think you need 45 minutes to get ready for work, you wake up half an hour late and still make it out the door in time.
  7. Optimise everything – A book could be written about this, but essentially if you save 6 minutes from 10 small to medium priority processes in your business or personal life even you’ve saved an hour. Do that a few times and you can give yourself the afternoon off in the sun.

Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall is a serial entrepreneur and #1 best selling author of ‘Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur‘. The founder of UltraEducation, a company that teaches entrepreneurship in primary (@UltraKidsClub) and secondary schools. 

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