business consultantJulian is a business consultant who can deliver innovative, high growth strategies for your business that are second to none.

Helping companies and entrepreneurs to effectively leverage technology and secure a definable ROI is what Julian does best. Working with companies in the UK, Europe, USA, Caribbean and Africa ensures a global perspective underlines his advice.

“Developing bespoke solutions that will allow you to prosper in today’s business environment.” – Julian Hall

A New Approach to Business Growth

Success in today’s environment is based on understanding the relationship between new technologies, innovative growth solutions but also traditional, long term business relationships both locally and internationally.

  • Since the start of his voyage as an entrepreneur over 15 years ago, Julian aka “The Online Genius” and “The Ultrapreneur” has offered his services as a business consultant to a diverse set of companies globally from both the corporate and small business sectors.
  • He has worked with solo-preneurs to larger companies such as Virgin Media, Group NBT, the NHS, Morgan Stanley, Jupiter Asset Management and London Transport.
  • With a focus on return on investment and performance, he has been able to deliver a steady 15-35% increase in revenue for his clients.
  • Those working with Julian are able to benefit from his long established relationships and strategic partners from around the world.

His ideas are constantly on the cutting edge of what the enterprise community has to offer and more importantly how this applies to your business.

He does this by:-

Understanding – Taking the time to really ‘get’ your business
Communication – Responding to any questions or queries within 24 hours – Guaranteed
Delivery – On time and on budget – Simple
Passion – Julian simply loves what he does which ensures you’ll love what you get
Vision – Stay ahead of the curve so you stay ahead of the competition
Genius – Encouraging knowledge sharing you can understand the strategy


To partner with Julian as a business consultant on your project contact or call +44 (0) 345 052 0702

Investment Readiness & Fund Raising

Having worked with a large number of start ups over the last 15 years as a business consultant, Julian has helped them to pitch for and secure investment for their businesses.

However, there still exists a large number of start ups who aren’t what is referred to as ‘investment ready’. This means that investors do not view them as investment opportunities.

Why? Several reasons exist, but essentially those companies are just not ready to stand up in front of an investor and secure the much needed finance required to take their businesses forward. It could be because their product and service is too early, there’s no proof of concept, the management team is lacking, the financials are too ambitious (or not ambitious enough!) together with many other things.

As a business consultant, Julian runs various made to measure ‘investment ready’ consultancy programs aimed at positioning your start up in the most favourable position to receive investment.

He also, upon request runs ‘Pitching for Investment and Contracts’ workshops which gives entrepreneurs and start ups the tools to gear up to pitch dragons, sharks or angels.

To partner with Julian as a business consultant on your project contact or call +44 (0) 345 052 0702

Digital Development, Social Media, Search (SEO+PPC), Email & Mobile

Julian’s passion and knowledge for the internet is clear from the first conversation you have with him. His understanding of the digital business landscape provides for his clients the essential edge which is required in today’s market to not only be profitable but to survive.

There is no bias between social media, search engine marketing, email or mobile marketing but more importantly what will work for your business. Julian has been fortunate enough to experience businesses at various points in their digital life cycle and can now lend the results of what works and what doesn’t work in reality for those who work with him.

His philosophy is one which concludes that a tailored approach is the only effective way to market online. Not only tailored to your business but to your market. Staying nimble and anticipating changes in the market can mean the difference between here today and gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow is ‘online’ and is very much ‘today’ so find out how Julian can help your business to take real advantage of the online marketing strategies which actually work.

To partner with Julian as a business consultant on your project contact or call +44 (0) 345 052 0702

What do they say about Julian?

Virgin Media Pioneers has been lucky enough to have Julian on board as one of our experts. Taking a vital role in passing on his knowledge as an experienced entrepreneur, Julian has produced a number of excellent video blogs on a variety of topics that have been well received among our start-up community. The combination of Julian’s personable nature and business expertise are truly an asset to the Virgin Media Pioneers programme.” – Jos Smart, Partnership and Outreach Executive, Virgin Media Pioneers

On behalf of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), I would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for your participation in Dominica’s ICT Road show. Thank you for taking the time to participate and for sharing your insights on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”  Bernadette Lewis, (Secretary General of CTU)

Julian Hall is a pleasure to work with his company delivers on time and on budget and is great with creativity too. The quality of the work is VERY professional and the staff are a pleasure to work with so polite and helpful” Susanne Kirlew, Balfour Beatty BA Hons, MCIPR, Dip CIPR

I asked Julian to give me a few tips on helping one of my websites (in the weight loss industry which is very competitive) to get onto page 1 of Google. He understood what I needed to do.. the result was that I had a list as long as my arm – and I took the points on board. Implemented them. Without spending a penny on ‘advertising’ – I’m on page 1 for my competitive search term. I know what else I need to do to rise up the page. Many thanks.” Lisa Newton, Boogles

Julian was contracted to provide a week of training on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for the ICT4EDC Project. Julian delivered the training in a very enlightening and engaging manner. The content was useful, current and easily understood. The participant learnt a lot and were quite grateful for his input.” Nima Browne, Consultant – E-business Specialist, ICT4EDC Project

I approached Online Genius to optimize my web site a few months back and commissioned them to write a report on how my web site could be improved which has since proven to be invaluable. Julian and team are extremely knowledgeable at what they do and could well prove to be the catalyst into turning your online business into a multimillion pound business.” Laban Roomes, Gold Genie (From Dragon’s Den)

Julian is an inspiring individual, whose passion and knowledge of the online industry is limitless. He’s a consummate professional and astute businessman.” Rita Usanga (24/7 Real Media) 

Julian is someone I have always felt proud to introduce to my clients. His humble, friendly manner disguises an extremely quick mind and wealth of knowledge for the online world that constantly astounds me. His willingness to share this knowledge with clients and business partners alike is something that I am constantly grateful for.

If I go to Julian with a problem to solve, a brief to answer or an idea that is simply bubbling in my head I trust that he will always come up with an intelligent, well thought through and creative solution to fit within a clients remit and budgets.

I look forward to continuing to work with Julian for a very long time and know without a shadow of a doubt that he will always be a valuable asset to have in my arsenal of trusted associates.” Lena Robinson

For many years I’ve worked with so-called professionals, all of whom have disappointed me within weeks. Working with Julian has been nothing but a breath of fresh air! he’s dependable, loyal, trust worthy, supremely knowledgeable about online marketing and consummately professional. As a business partner he’s like the wind under my company’s wings. Any company would be better for having access to Julian’s skills.” David F. Roberts CEO CaribDirect

To partner with Julian as a business consultant on your project contact or call +44 (0) 345 052 0702