Does your child have entrepreneur potential?

Does your child have entrepreneur potential?

Are they creative?
Do the follow the rules?
Are they enthusiastic about things they like?
Do they bounce back after they fall?
Do they take risks?

If you answer yes to three or more of these questions then your child has the typical traits of a successful entrepreneur.

You may find these traits common to most children but that’s the point. Our research has shown that children are naturally entrepreneurial. As long as these traits are nurtured early enough, children stand a greater chance of succeeding later on in life. Be that as business people or employees, today’s life skills require entrepreneurial thinking across the board.

As a Father I’ve realised that introducing the values of entrepreneurship at a very early age can help to enhance the development of young children who will eventually build our future.

Many of us would like to think our child could one day grow up to be a success. But what if you could give them a head start?

Over the last two years I’ve been developing the UltraKids Club to help kids do just that, get ahead. 

The UltraKids Club Colouring Book contains over 30 entrepreneurial values to help develop your child’s entrepreneurial mindset.

They’ll meet Malachi and Penelope, the UltraKids, who will take them on a journey of fun and discovery!

To find out more and to get your limited edition, signed copy click here or the front cover below:

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