Don’t delay profit waiting for perfect

Don’t delay profit waiting for perfect

Do you remember the first time you used Microsoft Windows? The first time you dialled-up to the internet, or even the first mobile phone you ever owned?

Looking back at it, they were pretty terrible in comparison to what we have now right? But did that stop those companies releasing that product or service into the world? NO. I hear small businesses say all the time “I’ve got to make sure it’s perfect before I launch”.

Successful businesses don’t say that.

What we don’t realise is that nobody expects your product or service to be perfect. They do expect it to do what it says on the box, but that doesn’t require perfection. The fact is that perfection is never attained. Just ask Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. They’re constantly updating, changing and tweaking their products. Why? Because as their customers feedback knowingly or unknowingly they respond and make their products better.

As things change in the market as they always so, their product offerings change in response. But the important thing is that they’re up and running, optimising their product or service offerings as part of their operations.

If the average small business or entrepreneur did the same thing; they’d be up and running a lot sooner and enjoying profits a lot sooner.

Look at it this way. The most valuable input you’l get about your product or service isn’t from you or your team, it’s from your customers. But if they can’t see it or use it, they can’t give that feedback. The feedback that you will use to make your business more profitable.

So this year, whether it’s a new business or a new project in; get it going and don’t delay your profits waiting for it to be perfect.

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