Guest Blog: Get Your Online Business Together

Guest Blog: Get Your Online Business Together

So you’ve got an online business. Great! Many online entrepreneurs have started their business online through a whole host of different routes, besides the front door! It usually starts with several big ideas that shoot off into a rush to get as much information or training to make it happen. You go to; conferences, seminars, workshops and buy loads of products to feed your brain. It’s all good. There are things you need to know to grow. I get it.

Being ambitious and having so many ideas can get entrepreneurs into some uncontrollable situations, mind you. We tend to get carried away too quickly and think big picture rather than consider how we’re gonna pull our plans off. That’s when we end up getting overwhelmed and end up with brain ache!

Now, there’s a strong chance that you have an amazing level of commitment and with all the will in the world, you have every intention to make your online business a success. Of course you do.

Let me ask you something. Be honest:

  • Are thinking so fast, that your actions can’t keep up?
  • Are you trying to follow several gurus and implement all the latest marketing trends?
  • Are you struggling under cover to manage the business behind the scenes?

If you’re like most small business owners, coaches, trainers, speakers and solopreneurs, your answer to at least 2 of those questions is yes. I know because I was a regular at that place and know so many other fellow business owners are also experiencing this right now.

You’re doing the undercover juggle while you’re trying to hustle which isn’t a good strategy for your long term business success. It’s no good for your sanity either.

How do you turn the undercover juggle around?

  1. 1.     Get grounded and go back to base

Stop choosing what you feel or think you should be doing and start giving yourself a look in. Think about what you’d prefer to be doing instead. Get back to what you stand for, your vision, what your intentions are. From that point, you’ll have a much better compass.

  1. 2.     Make the big picture be a map

Your map is your plan created by you that represents you and how you like to do things. This is not your guru or experts business, it’s yours. Take the necessary action to market and run your business in your own authentic way. In other words, make sure you can pull it off.

  1. 3.     Understand your people deeply

Get to know what makes your people tick on a deeper level. This gives you the power to blend your insight while establishing a better connection with them. They’ll take to you so much more when they feel that you understand where they’re coming from.

  1. 4.     Check your progress

If you don’t have any form of system or process to see how you’re doing, you could be running down the wrong path backwards and have no idea. Save yourself time and energy by making sure you’re on the right tracks, using online technical tools to help you.

  1. 5.     Be open  to change

Nothing ever goes completely to plan and you can only ever improve on what you’ve already got. If you prepare for things to change, you’ll always have a plan B ready to go – even if the plan is only to change sail slightly. 

  1. 6.     Have someone to back you up

Finally, allow someone else to support you. If you stay behind your computer with no one else to answer to, you can easily get away with getting carried away! That’s what makes you have to get your business together in the first place.

When you have someone that gets what you’re going through and can help you get your online business together, take the opportunity to do something about it. Unless of course, you don’t like order and prefer creative chaos and brain ache


Bianca Forbes is an Online Business & Marketing Coach helping; coaches, trainers, speakers and solopreneurs who are ready to step up their game online. She’s sharing top secrets from her new book, to help you build an online brand that saves you more time and energy, so you can make more money. Here’s your invitation to get the book The BAIT System: 5 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

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