Julian Hall brings SELFIES to the children of Belize

Julian Hall brings SELFIES to the children of Belize

In March of 2014 the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) on behalf of the government of Belize enlisted the help of Julian Hall to deliver a series of talks in conjunction with their successful Caribbean ICT Roadshow.

Julian spoken about innovation, entrepreneurship and selfies!

Taking the biggest seflie ever seen in Belize, Julian and 250 school children from the Julian Cho High School in Purda Gorda had a fun time demonstrating how powerful mobile apps have become.

Julian was proud to receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Science and Technology and Public Utilities of Belize and said:

“My time in Belize was both eye opening and inspiring. it was great to see how young people have grasped the magic of the internet and made it their own.”

Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall is a serial entrepreneur and #1 best selling author of ‘Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur‘. The founder of UltraEducation, a company that teaches entrepreneurship in primary (@UltraKidsClub) and secondary schools. 

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