Julian Hall SME superhero in Aldermore Blog

Julian Hall SME superhero in Aldermore Blog

Making up 99.9 per cent of all companies in the UK, SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) are the lifeblood of the economy. Without them, local communities would struggle and unemployment would rise.

It’s believed that at the start of 2013 approximately 4.9 million UK SMEs employed 14.4 million people. So it’s clear just how much we owe to these companies and the employees who work so hard to keep them going.  To recognise these businesses and everything that they’ve achieved, many choose to participate in the annual campaign, Small Business Saturday.

Originating in America, the event was created to encourage people to shop in small businesses within their community. To honour this fantastic campaign we’ve compiled a list of some of the UK’s brightest and best SME superheroes. These small business champions have made it their mission to empower SMEs and help them to achieve their business goals. –

See more at: http://www.aldermore.co.uk/about/news-press-releases/2014/12/top-10-sme-superheroes-of-2014/



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