Speaking at The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum UK 2016

Speaking at The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum UK 2016

On Tuesday 7th June 2016, Julian Hall joined a vibrant panel of experts discussing entrepreneurship.

The JWEF UK team said:

We would like to thank him for participating at our first event in the UK. The feedback was very good, his insight into entrepreneurship was very insight full, and if he was available for next year, we would love to have him join us again.”

The Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum UK is an initiative derived from the World Entrepreneurship Forum. Its mission is to promote and accelerate junior entrepreneurship locally and around the world, with the aim of creating wealth and social justice, thus shaping the world of 2050.

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum UK 2016

Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum UK

The JWEF is a global community of students and young entrepreneurs from around the world who come together globally as a way to create wealth and social justice to prepare the world for 2050. As a global youth movement the JWEF is dedicated to putting forward the views of young people as part of the global debate on entrepreneurship.

The mission of the JWEF is to:

  • Educate young people who are willing to start an entrepreneurial journey,
  • Promote entrepreneurship as a valid career path,
  • Encourage young people to identify and produce new ideas and innovative practices,
  • Brainstorm on how entrepreneurs as creators of wealth and social justice can shape the world of 2050, in order to contribute  to the annual global reflection of the World Entrepreneurship Forum,
  • Create a community that can give young people the opportunity to access World Entrepreneurship Form network of mentors, investors and infrastructure

The Global Institute for Entrepreneurship and mi-Hub as a member of the World Entrepreneurship Form will be hosting the first JWEF UK in London.

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