Julian Hall taking part in a celebrity panel for The Juno Project founded by Ali Golds

Julian Hall taking part in a celebrity panel for The Juno Project founded by Ali Golds


The Launch of the Juno Project

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The Juno Project

Aspiration through Inspiration

When Ali Golds set up Operation Enterprise in 2011, an organisation that runs entrepreneurial education programmes in colleges, she did so to inspire Youngtrepreneurs of all ages and of all backgrounds to make a future for themselves through starting and running their own business.

With entrepreneurial education often sadly lacking in many areas of further education, the programmes run by Operation Enterprise are designed to allow young people to combine their studies with a foray into the world of business. Every time she delivered a programme she found youngtrepreneurs of all ages and abilities brimming with excitement, optimism and ideas.

There was just one problem.

The ratio of men to women joining the programmes was, repeatedly, around 15:1.

Where were the girls?

Ali conducted some research and soon discovered that, while a lot of girls are just as interested as their male peers in setting up and running their own business, they don’t believe they have the necessary skills to do so, and they don’t believe that they belong in that arena. In short, they lack confidence.


Look around the business world, how many women reach the top echelons of a business? How many role models exist for them? The role models that are put into the public arena are overwhelmingly male. And the rhetoric is often male-centric. And girls think that to be successful, you have to be alpha-male (or alpha-female), which in their mind rules them out.

The Juno Project was born.

The Juno Project is a programme of entrepreneurial education programmes and mentoring specifically for girls.

Plans are already underway to broaden the reach of the company, with projects based around developing personal skills in young women, as well as a mentoring/ speaking programme consisting of local entrepreneurial women who are willing to engage with girls in schools and colleges in their area to raise aspiration levels.

Ali Golds is just one example of a female entrepreneur, who has an inspirational story to tell. There are many more, and the Juno Project brings them together to educate, mentor and create the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

Come and see what it’s all about. The Juno Project launches on March 8th in Central London.

For further information, or to join the event, please contact Ali at ali@thejunoproject.com  or call 07554 185909.

Editor’s Notes:

Ali Golds is founder of Operation Enterprise (www.operation-enterprise.com) and The Juno Project (www.thejunoproject.com) and is available for interview, comment and articles (see www.aligolds.com for more information about her inspirational story).

Please contact Ali at ali@thejunoproject.com  or call 07554 185909. 

For more information see: www.thejunoproject.com

Ali Golds is a serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses under her belt, including a furniture design business and a media recruitment agency. In 2009, Ali decided to put her wealth of business knowledge to good use by training as a business and management lecturer at Exeter College, earning an honorary mention from the examiners for her research project and winning the Ted Wragg Award for Outstanding New Teacher 2009.  (See www.aligolds.com)

In 2010, working as a lecturer at Exeter College, Ali founded The Enterprise Club (recently renamed Start up for Success), a series of informal teaching and mentoring sessions held at the college both by Ali and established business owners and designed to grow and develop the businesses of her students.

The Enterprise Club quickly gathered momentum, with other colleges in the area also wanting to take part.  Demand became such that in 2011, Ali left teaching to begin Operation Enterprise, her own business specialising in delivering enterprise programmes and networks. The Juno Project is her latest venture.

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