Julian’s 2013 News Years Message “Thank you to my network”


One of the sayings in my most recent book is “Network…the Ultrapreneurs most valuable possession”. And for me, this has never been truer than in 2012.  So for that reason, my message today is one of thanks to those whom I consider some of the unsung heroes of the business and entrepreneurial world.


So many people don’t get the credit they deserve, and I wanted to do my bit to change that. So I’m sharing with my wider network – those who follow me on Twitter, are fans and friends on Facebook, those who read my blog and who get my weekly emails, the people who I regard as hidden gems of the business community, the people I believe will change the game. If you don’t know them, then now’s a good time to do so – like them, follow them or just take note.


So, in alphabetical order, with Twitters where available, here are the people who’ve made my year.

Alan Hamilton – “Thank you for great advice over the years”

Ali Golds – “You’re one in a million, thanks for the PR in the park!” @ali_golds

Bernie Mitchell – “Extraordinary IS the word thanks for intros” @BernieJMitchell

Bernadette Lewis – “Keep showing the region the vision”

Clare Lower –“You’re the next big thing” @GourmetTrotter

Craig Smith – “Thanks for putting up with me for the last 10 years!”

David McQueen – “When I grow up I wanna be like you.” @DavidMcQueen

David Roberts – “You’re in the process of changing the world; glad I’m on the team!” @caribdirect

Daniel Rajkumar – “Keep changing the game, Mark Z aint got nothing on you” @danrajkumar

Danny Joseph – “You may not realise this, but you’ve inspired a whole country – yours” @lavabits

Diane Laidlaw – “Thank you for helping me step up my game” @tdesigncreative

Dr Rene Williamson – “Let’s keep helping the children” @shashsun

Eunice Nisbett – “What can I say, you’re a true entrepreneur, your island should be proud of you” @savvyvirtuals

George Johnson – “With guys like you, the Valley won’t be the only place tech success will be born” @GeorgeDJohnston

Jacqueline Asafu-Adjei – “Thank you for the PR and the legendary images”

Jeremy Salmon – “Quite possibly the best designer who ever lived, thanks for holding me down” @jasimages

Jeanille Bonterre – “Thanks for keeping me on the radar and making me look good on camera!” @JBonterre

Joel Bonsu – “Thank you for the suit! The fashion world is yours if you want it” @mondegofashion

Kwame Springer – “The motivators motivator, you really are the dream maker” @24DreamMaker

Kerrie Dorman – “Thank you for being you, you’re just too cool for school.” @KerrieDormanLtd

Leah Salmon – “Ok, I’ll admit it, you’re right about most things, love ya.” @naturalyoucoach

Lex Deak –“The absolute definition of an entrepreneur, years ahead of the game” @LexDeak

Lena Robinson – “One of THE most impressive people I’ve met, amazing connector of people” @LenaRobinson

Lisa Newton – “You’re just about redefining everything aren’t you? The world needs it, keep going” @lisa_newton1

Lynval Sydney – “Thanks for being on point this year; we’ve had a great response”

Lucy Heavens – “Thanks for all your help, you’ve been a gem”

Malachi McPherson – “Whatever you do, I know you’ll be the best, even better than me (did I just say that J) @mrmcpherson1

Mark Linder – “Thanks for taking the time out to listen; I know it’s valuable and it’s very much appreciated”

Mark Lewis – “To my travelling friend J Thanks for all the great advice”

Marcia Brandon – “You have done so much and there’s still so much to do, you’re an inspiration”

Martin McKenzie – “Thank you for opening my eyes to new possibilities”

Mavis Amankwah – “You’ve been a great help and all I can say is thank you” @mavisamankwah

Natalie Campbell – “Whenever I need your help you’re there, I know your busy so thank you again” @NatDCampbell

Nicola Cowburn – “Thanks for keeping me on my toes!”

Peter Wynarczyk – “From one academic to another (ahem), thank you for having me!”

Ray Hopkinson – “You’ve advised me on so many different things when you didn’t have to – thank you very much.

Rita Usanga – “Thank you for taking me seriously, the rubber will hit the road eventually” @britano09

Rodney Taylor – “Trust is the basis of any good relationship and you have mine in abundance”

Telly Uno – “The region will change as long as you’re involved, that I have no doubt”

Sir Edward Lawrence – “You’ve inspired me passed what I could see, thank you.”

Sybil Welsh – “One of the sharpest people I’ve ever met. If anyone can make it happen, you can”

Steve Hardman – “Thanks for seeing my vision and using your technology to extend it” @airbeem

Susanne Kirlew – “Thank for giving me the opportunity” – @SusanneKirlew

Oli Hille – “Your YouTube video was the first step in my best seller campaign, I can’t thank you enough for your advice” @Lifestyle_Book