My Predictions for 2017

My Predictions for 2017

My Predictions for 2017 #JustMyOpinion #DontGetMadĀ #SomeSeriousSomeTongueInCheek

What Will Trend Down??

  • Get rich / fit / healthy / happy – quick seminars / books
  • Marketing words like financially free, residual income, business opportunity
  • iPhone popularity
  • Charity sectors business model
  • The wow factor of self publishing
  • Fitness YouTube channels
  • Education will worse before it gets better. But it will get better
  • Big data – will need to morph into something more meaningful
  • Virtual Reality will struggle get a foothold
  • Santa Claus (sorry people)
  • Landing / squeeze / funnel pages
  • Selling from the pool / exotic location / stage
  • New TV tech
  • Anything ‘motivational’ without a ‘credible’ specialism
  • Creative entrepreneurs will continue to struggle
  • Anything to do with the law of attraction
  • Property ‘deals’ will become harder to get, investors will look towards startups and growth companies to invest their money
  • Intellectuals will run out of ‘new’ things to talk about. Will make up stuff to sound smart and confuse anyone listening
  • The whole “speaker, author, coach” thing will no longer have such an impact (yes, me included).

What Will Trend Up ??

  • Veganism will increasingly be the new cool like hipsters listening to Grime in Shoreditch.
  • YouTube will explode even further
  • Music streaming will have a clear winner
  • Snapchat will rule despite Insta and Facebook attempts
  • Microsoft will become a serious competitor again
  • The internet bubble will NOT burst
  • Crowdfunding will do the same thing for funding that YouTube did for video
  • A new Uber type company totally disrupt an industry
  • We will take LinkedIn more seriously
  • Any business that focuses on kids in non traditional sectors
  • Mobile working (apps for work etc)
  • Diversity WILL improve across the board
  • Hip hop will create another billionaires
  • Artificial intelligence will get scarier and more useful at the same time
  • The Internet of Things will quietly develop
  • Podcasts will be the go to media outlet
  • Preneurs – mumpreneur/videopreneur/fitpreneur/podpreneur/propreneur / foodpreneur / funpreneur / kidpreneur will grow and grow and grow.

And last but not least, my most important prediction is….

2017 WILL be the BEST year for ANYONE reading this!

#HappyNewYear #UltraAndOut

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