Shatter the myth that entrepreneurship is a solo activity

Shatter the myth that entrepreneurship is a solo activity

A myth is defined as a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation. I like the reference to entrepreneurs being heroes! But even at the movies, heroes at their penultimate hour of need get a helping hand from those around them.

The word Entrepreneur comes from the French ‘prendre’ or to undertake. Often time this undertaking is bigger than the entrepreneur themselves.  The entrepreneur is the visionary, the driving force behind the business idea but not always the one to bridge every gap or close every deal. An entrepreneur is great at sharing that vision and if true to the undertaking at hand will very quickly realise that he alone cannot accomplish it by himself.

This is where many entrepreneurs are today and in reality even if you’re a one man band your activities are never solo because of things like:

1. Mastermind groups – Essential when you just need to be able to bounce off other business people to whom you have an affinity with or common goal

2. Breakfast meetings – These popular business referral meetings help the entrepreneur to leverage the others in the group to sell and promote their wares to their colleague’s respective networks

3. Partnerships – The “business marriage”! Some work and some don’t, but if you consider the likes of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Innocent (Smoothies), LastFM and the list goes on; all of these companies started off having really strong partnerships in place from the outset.  Business can also have partnerships. Today more than ever do you have companies collectively pitching to win bigger contracts and consolidating their services to tailor solutions to their prospects.

4. Joint Ventures – Not ready for long term commitment? Well there are many joint venture partnerships or JV’s which are geared more towards short term projects where at least two businesses or entrepreneurs pull together.

5. Online Networks – Many entrepreneurs just can’t get the face time needed to build those necessary relationships so they do it online instead! Networks like LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to grow your network and therefore your net worth at your convenience, in your own time. On the train or plane or number 18 bus you can meet other business people to form friendships, partnerships, ideas, ask and answer questions. It is arguably the most valuable resource business people and entrepreneurs have ever had; the instant access to millions of others just likes them

6. The Board – At some point its worth sticking to what you’re good at and not being a jack of all trades (you know the rest) Surrounding yourself with people who are better than you at certain things was the formula Sir Richard Branson used and I’d say worked quite well. Allowing others to take the reins for key areas of your business is the only way to grow.

All of the above and more is the daily bread of entrepreneurs across the world and shatters the myth that it is a solo activity. Ask any entrepreneur you know which one of the above they rely on the most 

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