The Definition of Ultrapreneur

The Definition of Ultrapreneur

The only way to accurately define the word Ultrapreneur is to breakdown the etymology of the word.  The word Ultrapreneur doesn’t exist per se even though it’s become a more commonly used term to define entrepreneurs who are concerned with more than simply ‘making money’.

From an etymological standpoint to provide a sensible definition of the word Ultrapreneur one would need to break the word down into two parts:

  1. Ultra – From the Greek meaning ‘beyond’
  2. Preneur – From the French word ‘prendre’ meaning to ‘undertake’

From a strictly academic perspective I would therefore define the term Ultrapreneur as: ‘An individual who goes beyond their initial undertaking and moves toward their life purpose’.

If you consider for a minute what an undertaking is in a business context. Many entrepreneurs get caught up in the muck and mire of business and not the reason they started on that journey in the first place.

A focus on the original purpose or reason why one starts upon an entrepreneurial journey must be kept at the heart of the proceedings. Generally they’re not and failure ensues.

Therefore, going beyond the simple undertaking and keeping a focus on the benefits of that undertaking provides a sensible definition of the word Ultrapreneur.


Julian ‘The Ultrapreneur’ Hall is a serial entrepreneur and #1 best selling author of ‘Entrepreneur to Ultrapreneur‘. The founder of UltraEducation, a company that teaches entrepreneurship in primary (@UltraKidsClub) and secondary schools. 

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