The Ultrapreneur Magazine – Nov 2013, Issue #1

The Ultrapreneur Magazine – Nov 2013, Issue #1

Almost 10 years ago a young man decided that he would jack in his full time job and embark on a journey that would change his life forever. And boy oh boy what a journey it was!

In the UK, at one of the most popular theme parks there’s a roller coaster called Oblivion. This ride starts off with a slow, steep incline before you’re held at a great height and tipped forward just enough to see a crazy vertical drop ahead of you. At the bottom of this drop, all you can see a huge black hole covered in a watery mist and nothing else.

As your left hanging in anticipation, without any warning you’re catapulted into what feels like certain death at a speed that pull your face behind your ears and your hair line 10 inches back! But then, something strange happens as you fly into that misty black hole. Your screams of fear turn to those of enjoyment and excitement as your thrusted left, then right, up then down until the ride comes to a whiplashing full stop. As your heart attempts to catch up with reality, you’re left in a stir fry of fear and exhilaration. And the only thought that’s left in your mind is “I MUST do that again!

I’ve been on that ride a few times and I can tell you with my hand on heart; the fear, anticipation, excitement and exhilaration is nothing compared to the fear, anticipation, excitement and exhilaration that entrepreneurship gives you. It’s an amazing feeling, scratch that, the most amazing feeling, a feeling which grabbed that young man 10 years ago and kept him locked and loaded to this very day.

So let me invite you to take that ride with me, but this time we’ll take a few others with us.

  1. Advisor to No.10 Downing St, Ali Golds, business woman extraordinaire tells us why women make great entrepreneurs.
  2. #1 Best selling author, Anshar Martin uncovers the entrepreneurial traits which has made the top 5 rappers their millions. Serial entrepreneur
  3. Luke Aikman tells you whether you should do or ditch that idea. Jeremy Salmon, the creator of countless best selling business book covers shares his design secrets.
  4. Technology start up champion,Andreas Bauer tells us how to launch your tech company.
  5. Best selling natural health coach Leah Salmon shows us how to get our entrepreneurial diets in check.
  6. Multi-award winning entrepreneur and PR guru Mavis Amankwah shares her top tips on how to get that much needed publicity
  7. Jeremy Salmon, designer of 10 best selling book covers tells you what to do to get your book noticed.
  8. And last but not least I’ll be sharing with you my concept of Ultrapreneurship and telling you why I believe it will change the way entrepreneurship is viewed forever (for real!).

So buckle up, keep your feet inside the car and enjoy the ride…!


Julian “The Ultrapreneur” Hall, @theultrapreneur, 

p.s. If you’d like a physical copy then just email me your address and I’ll whizz one across to you!

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