Ultra Education awarded Brent Council’s Startup of the Month!

Ultra Education awarded Brent Council’s Startup of the Month!

I am very proud to announce that Ultra Education has been recognised as Brent Council’s Startup of the month for November 2016. This is a great honour for me as I was born and raised in Harlesden, in the borough of Brent and I have worked with people and businesses in the area for a long time. A very big thank you to Brent for the support and recognition. Check out the interview with Brent Business news below.

Start up of the month: Julian Hall

Business name: Ultra Education

Area / Location: Harlesden, Kilburn

What does your business do?

We teach entrepreneurship to children and young people starting at 6yrs old. Our goal is to help them think more entrepreneurially so they can create their own employment in the future, and provide them with skills which make the more employable. Our programmes are delivered in schools and in after school or weekend clubs.

What stage are you at with your business?

We are in the start up phase of our business and a growing quickly! We have been running our programmes for just over 12 months and building the team daily.

How are you finding the process so far?

Very exciting! We passionate about what we do and hope to increase the achievements and attainment of children and young people for the future.

What’s the best part of doing business in Brent?
I was born and raised in Harlesden so seeing all of the changes and the growing community is great. Being able to give back to the young people from is an amazing feeling that all of our teachers have. Brent is a vibrant, diverse borough with so much to offer. We want to help kids in Brent to do more by thinking outside of the box.

Any tips for those interested in starting their own business?
It’s important to be passionate about your business otherwise what’s the point? Make sure that you’re not just passionate but really good too otherwise people just won’t buy from you. Listen to your customers and clients and always improve your offer.

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