UltraKids Club on Sir Richard Branson’s Radar!

UltraKids Club on Sir Richard Branson’s Radar!

The Ultra Kids Club are ecstatic to have made it into the top 5% of Virgin’s Pitch to Rich competition and want to say an #Ultra thank you to all YOU honorary Ultra Kids who voted, shared, liked and talked about our campaign. It goes without saying… But we couldn’t have done it without you!

Malachi and Penelope are now excitedly gearing up for the Pitch to Rich Semi-finals. The grown-ups over at Virgin Business are deciding who makes it to the next stage, which will be another public vote. Of course, in true Ultra Kid fashion we’re “planning for the BEST case scenario” so we hope to be asking for your support again very soon!

Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Business have said they are on the lookout for ideas that are exciting, ground-breaking and can create change. Our vision for UltraKids is all that and more! Please continue to support us, let’s inspire children for generations to come!

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