What Women Want – Oh and Google!

What Women Want – Oh and Google!

It’s funny when you think about it how similar Google is to Women.

Let’s explore some of their characteristics and see what we can learn from this very serious thesis

They weren’t the first ones here
Women – If we look at creation, we’re told Adam was made first, then Eve. Now I am sure we can all agree that women probably have a greater influence on the world than men do – even if it’s only that we wouldn’t be here without a woman / mother
Google – If we look at internet history, Google is a young buck. I remember the days when it was inconceivable to think Yahoo! would ever be eclipsed! However when it comes to search, it’s safe to say it wouldn’t be such a big deal if Google didn’t develop such a wonderful algorithm which has us all in it’s mathematical web.

Men don’t understand them
Women – It’s safe to say that men don’t understand women. Whether it’s the Mars and Venus contingent, or that 16 year old boy plucking up the courage to ask for a date, or me trying to understand why quality time isn’t watching Top Gear together, but watching Americas Next Top Model is?

Google – It’s safe to say that except for a select few, mankind doesn’t understand Google. You can’t live with Google and you can’t live without it. Try searching using MSN and Yahoo instead for a month and you’ll see what I mean.

Ignoring the obvious
Women – If men listened or asked more questions then they’d have a better chance at understanding women. But we don’t – it’s the same way we don’t ask for directions (thank God for Tom Tom)

Google – If men read Googles’ published guidelines then they’d have a better chance at understanding the search engines. But we don’t – it’s the same way we stick up a website, blog a bit and hope for the best.

Talk a LOT
Women – Men don’t like to talk, women DO – so TALK?! Simple eh
Google – It likes lots of fresh original content – so give it what it wants!

Be transparent
Women – Hide stuff from a woman at your own peril. Come on, they’ll find out anyway! (Dear they call me Julie on weekends)
Google – Hide text, pages, links from Google at your own peril. They’ll find out anyway! Only a matter of time.

They have complicated algorithms
Women – Men oftentimes are too dumb to realise what they’ve done to upset a woman

Google – Men oftentimes are too dumb to realise what they’ve done to get banned from Google

Women and Google need honesty and quality. Give them that and you’ll soon move up the ranks and become no.1

NB – Men, you might want to do one at a time; Women then Google, we can’t multitask!

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